Summer 2019: Virginia James was chose as one of 3 Undergraduate Poster Award recipients at the American Society for Mass Spectrometry conference, held in Atlanta GA. Congratulations Ginny!

DSC_0004 (1)

Summer 2016 Research Group: Virginia James, Jessica Moon, Alisha Lamas, Dr. Cory, Katrina Mangiaracina


Summer 2015 research students meeting with former group members at PittCon 2016:
Candice Ulmer (summer 2011), Neha Muppala (2015), Sylvia Davila (2015) and Rainey Patterson Garland (2010) with Dr. Cory


Summer 2015 Research group: Taylor Domenick, James Solomon, Michael Blanton,
Sylvia Davila, Dr. Cory, and Neha Muppala. Not pictured: Kristina Tran


Rainey Patterson class of 2011, soon to be Dr. Rainey Patterson, Ph.D. in analytical chemistry,
was awarded the Summer 2015 Winefordner Fellowship at the University of Florida!
Here she is with Dr. Cory’s graduate research advisor, Dr. Jim Winefordner, and his wife Laura!
Although Jim is now retired, we are all one big family!


Spring 2015 group with Dr. Pete Conn at PittCon! Taylor, Caitlin, Omorose, Aliya, Dr. Cory, Lisa


At PittCon 2015 in New Orleans, group reunion
with Candice Ulmer (left), class of 2012 and soon to be
Dr. Candice Ulmer, Ph.D. in analytical chemistry!
Candice, Dr. Cory, Taylor, Lisa, Aliya, Omorose, and Caitlin

Summer 2014 Research Group
Top row, Lisa Kasprzok and Aliya Dumas
Bottom row, Omorose Aighewi, Jess Ramirez, Taylor Domenick, Caitlin Purvis
Not pictured: Elizabeth Blankenship


Jess Ramirez, Caitlin Purvis, Dr. Cory, and Omorose Aighewi

Summer Research Group 2013:

, IMG_3991
Jess, Sam, Dr. Cory, Adam, and Logan at SERMACS 2013

Watch Aliya do the Elephant’s Toothpaste Experiment!

Aliya's Elephant Toothpaste

SERMACS 2012 copy
Summer Research Group 2012, presenting their research at SERMACS in Raleigh, NC, October 2012:
L-R: Adam Jenkins, Darius Becker-Krail and Logan Herbert

Our research is in the area of pharmaceutical analysis. Specifically, drug molecules (called Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, or APIs) and drug formulations are subjected to forced degradation in order to determine what happens when the drug degrades under conditions such as high heat, humidity, or light exposure. The resulting samples are studied by HPLC and LC-MS in order to identify and quantify the products of degradation. Because the degradation products of APIs might have pharmacological or toxicological effects, their formation during storage or in the environment are of concern.

Undergraduate students can apply for summer funding from the College of Charleston SURF (Students doing Undergradauate Research with Faculty) grant, application form available on the
URCA homepage. If you are interested in this summer research opportunities, you should make an appointment to talk to me about it during the preceding fall semester.

Click here to see our
recent presentations and publications.

If you are interested in doing research with me, you must have completed Quantitative Analysis, CHEM 221 (with a grade no lower than B) and Organic Chemistry, CHEM 231.

College of Charleston Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Group, 2012
Dr. Cory’s summer 2012 research group in center - Darius Becker-Krail, Adam Jenkins, Logan Herbert


Dr. Cory’s research group, Summer 2011
L-R: Danielle White, Candice Ulmer, Chase Mabe, Stephen Ferguson

P5200019 P1010016

Candice and Danielle collecting Water Samples at Universal Studios in Orlando FL, March 13 2012

IMG_8253 IMG_3331

Candice and Danielle at PittCon 2012, Orlando FL
with the Fisher Scientific guy


Dr. Cory’s research group, Summer 2010
L-R: Andrea DeSantis, Akal Zeleke, Stephen Ferguson, Rainey Patterson, Chase Mabe, Dr. Cory

Pictures from our visit to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta GA, March 16 2011: